Garg Group Annual Picnic (GG-AP) 2022

Following the success of the 2021 picnic, the 2nd GG-AP was held in June 2022. The group spent a day eating, relaxing, and playing team games at Allerton Park. An ad-hoc Picnic Planning Committee was appointed to plan the day and they came up with a fine agenda.

As usual, we started with some group photos.

And then played some games. The Tug of War was especially fun which was held between MS and PhD students of the group. The PhD students won the first game. However, in the second game, the MS students pulled their way to victory (see video below). The final score after 2 games was 1-1 and we decided to leave it at that.

Other games included eating Oreos off your head without using your hands.

Finally, we had an international potluck style food brought by all participants. We finished the day with some aerial shots.

The next annual picnic will be held in 2023 summer. We’ll be looking for motivated individuals from the group to serve on next year’s Picnic Planning Committee. Interested personnel may self-nominate or nominate others.

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