New Members Announcement

Garg Group warmly welcomes new members who started in Fall 2023. These are MS candidates: Nanzeeba Tabassum, Nischal Kanel, and Yaman Garg; and PhD candidates: Aysan Farajnia and Momina Rauf.

Additionally, MS candidates Omar Abdelrahman, Jacob Doehring, and Dhanush S. Bejjarapu successfully completed their MS thesis in Summer 2023. Omar started working at WJE, Chicago, Jacob started working at Sublime, Boston, and Dhanush started his PhD at EPFL, Switzerland. We wish them all best of luck in their future endeavors.

Group photo in the North Quad of the UIUC campus on an early Fall 2023 morning, (From left to right; Top row: AW, HJ, CK, YM, FQ, FI, AF, NK, SD, NT, BD, VK; Bottom row: BB, SR, KCP, YG, MR, NG, MO, MA, TE, HS, HK)

Several students from the group are set to graduate in Summer 2024. Hence, multiple openings for graduate students (both at MS and PhD level) are available for Fall 2024. Please apply and join us! 

A postdoc opening maybe announced by the end of 2023.