Our group is actively looking to hire talented and motivated individuals to join and make new discoveries.

Undergraduate: We aim to train the next generation of scientists and engineers starting at the UG level. Hence, opportunities for domestic REU (Research Experience for Undergrads) are available every year (especially in the summer). Please contact Prof. Garg with your CV and transcripts.

Graduate: Multiple MS and PhD positions are available to start from Spring 2022 or Fall 2022. If you’re interested, please apply online (Specialization*: Construction Materials, with thesis) and make sure to indicate your interest to work with Prof. Garg in your online application.

    • *Prospective students may also apply to have a graduate degree in our CEE interdisciplinary programs such as ‘Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Systems‘ and ‘Energy-Water-Environment Sustainability‘ and list Prof. Garg under faculty interest. 

Postdoc: An opening listed in 2020 has been filled. Future openings will be listed here. Interested candidates are welcome to send their CV and 1-page research statement to be kept on file for future considerations.  Externally-funded postdocs are always welcome to contact Prof. Garg.

Visitors: Visiting scholars are welcome to contact Prof. Garg with their CV and a research statement. Funding is available for 1 year or 2-year visits. 

    • Note: We receive countless emails every week from prospective grad students, visitors, and postdocs, and hence, replying to each of them is often not feasible. If you’re interested in working with us, your best bet is to submit a formal application and wait.