New Group Member

We typically hire new students during the Fall and the Spring semester. However, we have made an exception this year, and hired a new student during the Summer term. The student is quite young but appears to be highly motivated – which is the key criteria for successful entry in our group.

The student will be initially mentored by a senior member of the group (who was also a summer recruit, a few years ago). An agreement has been made between the two for collaboration, and all concerned parties have kindly agreed.

The (tentative) thesis title for this new student is,

Novel Mechanisms for Disrupting Parents’ Sleep during Nightime.”

Publications are on their way.

New Graduate Students

Garg group welcomes the first set of graduate students! Pratyush and Krishna joined the group in Fall 2019. Pablo and Vikram joined us in Spring 2020. Together, we’re working towards our common objective of building a better and sustainable world.

Currently, we’re looking forward to add more team members. Multiple positions for grad students for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 are currently open. If you’re interested in joining us, apply online.